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NTIA Features 40 Local Governments' Digital Equity and Inclusion Resources

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is facilitating extensive coordination and cooperation with key stakeholders to close the digital divide. Digital equity and inclusion activities are necessary to ensure that all individuals in the United States have access to, and the use of, affordable information and communication technologies. Localities representing historically excluded communities can and must make their voices heard to ensure that longstanding equity gaps are finally closed

As part of this work, NTIA is highlighting a variety of digital equity and inclusion activities occurring in 40 different city and county governments on the Digital Inclusion map on the BroadbandUSA website.

The site includes local government digital equity and inclusion websites, leaders, coordinators, resources, and plans. Locality resources include various initiatives such as digital literacy courses, device and hotspot distribution programs, free public Wi-Fi locations, Internet surveys, and strategic plans.

The launch of the first 40 local government resources will help to:

  • Initiate recognition of who is leading digital equity and inclusion initiatives in localities and communities,
  • Create awareness of what digital equity and inclusion activities are occurring in localities and communities, and
  • Encourage the adoption of robust local digital equity and inclusion frameworks.

Visitors may review digital equity and inclusion initiatives across the country by navigating the interactive map on the digital inclusion site. When selecting a state, available local government initiatives will display below the interactive map. If you would like your city or county featured, please contact NTIA at