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Department of Transportation (DOT)

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)

FHWA may also be involved in siting decisions through its utility accommodation policy within federal-aid rights-of-way.



Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The requirements for filing with the FAA for proposed structures vary based on a number of factors: height, proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure, etc. For more details, please reference CFR Title 14 Part 77.9.

You must file with the FAA at least 45 days prior to construction if:

  • your structure will exceed 200ft above ground level
  • your structure will be in proximity to an airport and will exceed the slope ratio
  • your structure involves construction of a traverseway (i.e. highway, railroad, waterway etc...) and once adjusted upward with the appropriate vertical distance would exceed a standard of 77.9(a) or (b)
  • your structure will emit frequencies, and does not meet the conditions of the FAA Co-location Policy
  • your structure will be in an instrument approach area and might exceed part 77 Subpart C
  • your proposed structure will be in proximity to a navigation facility and may impact the assurance of navigation signal reception
  • your structure will be on an airport or heliport
  • filing has been requested by the FAA

If you require additional information regarding the filing requirements for your structure, please identify and contact the appropriate FAA representative using the Air Traffic Areas of Responsibility map for Off Airport construction, or contact the FAA Airports Region / District Office for On Airport construction.