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Digital Equity Act Programs


Too many communities lack access to high-speed internet. Many more can't afford it or don't know how to use it. The divide between those who have internet access and those who don't is stark. To create an equitable economy, we all need access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet.

The Digital Equity Act provides $2.75 billion to establish three grant programs that promote digital equity and inclusion. They aim to ensure that all people and communities have the skills, technology, and capacity needed to reap the full benefits of our digital economy.

Check here to find out if your state/territory has its BEAD or Digital Equity Draft Plans/Proposals out for Public Comment

State Digital Equity Planning Grant

A $60M formula grant program for states, territories and tribal governments to develop digital equity plans.

Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program

A $1.44 billion formula grant program for states, territories, and tribal governments

Digital Equity Competitive Grant Program

A $1.25 billion grant program. It will fund annual grant programs for five years to implement digital equity projects

NTIA’s Digital Equity Celebration Event in Collaboration with the Office of Mayor Ed Gainey

This digital equity celebration will bring together community members, organizations, and elected officials to highlight Pittsburgh’s digital equity milestones and collective efforts to improve digital opportunities for communities statewide. Here are the details:

Who: Residents, community leaders, elected officials, industry partners, NTIA leadership, and others
When: Wednesday, July 24, 2024, from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST

Digital Equity Webinar Series: The Impact of High-Speed Internet Access on Incarcerated and Justice-Impacted Individuals

Accessing high-speed Internet in correctional settings can serve as a conduit for incarcerated individuals to receive vocational and technology training programs and set them on a path to success. This webinar will highlight state and local examples of how leaders in this space are creating economic development opportunities for justice-impacted individuals and how they are defining their digital equity baselines, indicators, and goals as well as tools they use to measure success. 

For the First Time, All States will have a Plan to Address Digital Equity

By Angela Thi Bennett, Director of Digital Equity, NTIA

Today, all 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico have submitted their Digital Equity Plans to NTIA for acceptance. This is a milestone moment in closing the digital divide. For the first time in our nation’s history, each state will have a plan to connect communities with the resources they need to achieve digital equity. That’s never been true before, and it’s an exciting indicator of how far we’ve come as a nation in acknowledging and addressing this challenge. 

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