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Do you have examples of BroadbandUSA’s work?

  • A broadband advisor to the mayor of Baltimore met with BroadbandUSA and requested guidance on how the city should invest funds to support projects that would increase local broadband infrastructure and access to technology, including fiber in manufacturing districts and additional hotspots.

  • BroadbandUSA worked with Los Angeles to maximize the effectiveness of a request for proposal, focusing on specific details that would help the city identify the right private sector partner to deploy a city-wide broadband system that could provide fiber to homes and businesses and launch a free public Wi-Fi service.

  • BroadbandUSA helped local officials develop a strategic broadband plan for Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • In New York City, BroadbandUSA helped local officials develop and deploy a broadband adoption plan to help residents of a public housing community build digital literacy skills