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What services does BroadbandUSA offer?

  • National Broadband Availability Map: BroadbandUSA offers federal and state partners access to National Broadband Availability Map (NBAM), a secure GIS (geographic information system) platform for the visualization and comparison of federal, state, and commercially available data sets. NTIA received funding from Congress in 2018 to update NBAM in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Congress directed NTIA to acquire and utilize data from available third-party datasets. NTIA built upon existing partnerships to identify data from federal, state, local, and tribal governments, owners and operators of broadband networks, educational institutions, nonprofits, and cooperatives to create the map.

  • Support for State, Local, and Tribal Governments: BroadbandUSA facilitates the State Broadband Leaders Network (SBLN) and the Digital Equity Leaders Network (DELN). These networks are cohorts of state, local, and tribal government officials that focus on state level broadband efforts and state, local, and tribal level digital inclusion efforts.

  • Guides and Tools: BroadbandUSA provides resources that incorporate field-tested best practices from BroadbandUSA’s work, including infographics and handouts that illustrate the importance of broadband, provide broadband planning guidance, and share information about BroadbandUSA services.

  • Group Technical Assistance: BroadbandUSA offers assistance to state, local, and tribal governments, industry, and nonprofits planning and implementing broadband initiatives.

  • Events and Workshops: BroadbandUSA holds events that bring together federal, state, local, and tribal officials, community leaders, industry executives, nonprofits, and other key broadband stakeholders to share real-world broadband success stories and lessons learned. BroadbandUSA tailors speakers and topics to local needs and gains a better understanding of the challenges local projects are facing.

  • Webinars: BroadbandUSA offers virtual learning events to share information about practical broadband issues and new initiatives, as well as provide group technical assistance and connect stakeholders between events.

  • Grant Program Guidance: BroadbandUSA provides information and guidance regarding NTIA grant programs including the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Grant Program, the Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Grant Program, and the Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program.